July, 7th, 2002

Welcome to our new web site. Victoria and I have talked about putting together a simple site where we could share our photos, ideals and life stories with you our friends. I'm on the last day of freedom from my online graphic design courses with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Tomorrow starts another six week session of school for me. I have spent the last two days with my nose stuck firmly in Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4 web design software book trying to figure out how to produce a simple website. Please keep in mind that this is just the beginning of web design greatness for us.

July, 17th 2002

Well I finally made all of the changes to the pages and all of the various links. I managed to squeak in a little more webmaster time and upload the entire site. Victoria will be adding all of her personal favs once we can both settle down from work and all. The contact page has email addresses where you can drop us a line the official Igloo Project emails are still going through some revisions so use what is provided for now. There will be more photos on the photos page once I get a little more time to go through them all and upload them. Please feel free to give criticism and advice on what you see and what you would like to see. I'll get victoria to write you all something tomorrow. Til then.... happy day!

July, 22nd 2002

As far as the site goes..... I'm running out of ideas. School has been keeping me busy. I'm taking, Fundamentals of Design and History of Art in Early Civilization. Both courses are very interesting thus far. Session two I will be taking Perspective. I just purchased a new Digital Graphics Tablet and have been experimenting with it. If you go to the Comics page you can see a picture of George with the background removed and one where I placed him in a photo with Victoria. I need to spend some more time with this gadget to fully realize it's potential. Please send some suggestions on what you would like to see as far as content for the site. I have a feeling I will be spending some time learning Macromedia's flash next?

August, 2nd 2002

For those of you curious as to what I'm doing all day with school and all? I have put up a link showing some of my design projects. Remember when viewing these drawings that I'm in my first six months of study at the Art Institute and I am still learning how to draw using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To view this link open this School or look in the Favorites section accessable from the Home page and click on 'Sherpa's Art Projects'. Critiques are welcome!

August, 11th 2002

Well I spent the better part of Saturday at the Home Depot, not as a consumer but as an aspiring Home Depot associate. The day was spent in an 8 hour orientation meeting discussing all the in's and out's of what it means to be a Home Depot employee. I have officially left my position of Production Manager at Ellsworth Bicycles to concentrate more fully on my education. I found it easier to leave a career that was brought home with me more than not and take on a job that will allow me the opportunity to concentrate on my studies. I will be working the 10:00pm to 3:00am shift restocking the store and getting it ready for the next days onslaught of Do It Yourselfer's. I'm looking forward to the new schedule. I only hope that my quality time with Victoria is not compromised. Victoria has been away doing the trade show thing for her company..... Can't wait to see her before she heads of to Europe for more show and tell. Oh yeah..... Thank you for shopping at the Home Depot!


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