Sherpa's journal page 2


September, 19th, 2002

Well, it has been a while since I've added anything new to my journal. Let's see.... I'm still trying to adjust to the new work schedule 10:00pm to 3:00am that is why I am sitting here at a quarter to five in the morning updating my journal! School is going really well. I am finishing out the summer semester pulling straight A's. In all of our spare time (read; not much) Victoria and I are putting alot of effort into working on the house. The backyard is really starting to take shape. I have discovered in the process that Vic is a painting goddess. Therefore she gets to paint everything! I have been working on the manuel (that is socal for manual) labor side of things and have been trying to make sense of the dirt lot trying to beautify it with plants, planters and less dirt patches. I will have some photos to show our progress shortly. Next week we are heading up to the High Sierra's to hang out with my dad on our annual fishing, backpacking, mtn biking and general relaxing end of summer vacation. Everyone's kido's are back in school and we are going to make the best of the coolest campgrounds that $10.00 a night can buy. My brother, father and I have been making this yearly trip for over 18 years now. It really is a magical place and I'm so glad to be sharing it with Victoria. I will take lots of pictures there also.... Will add more soon I promise.

October, 23rd, 2002

Hello everyone I have some great news to share. On our September Sierra trip I asked for Victoria's hand in marriage and she said 'Yes'. This was definitely a dream come true for me. I new after the first few months of dating that I wanted to share the rest of my life with her. It only took me twenty years to find the right person, but I am glad to have waited and to finally have found the right person to share my life with. We have yet to set the date...